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Main Forum » Keedo's Mods » Transcendence: Lost Empires » Factions (The various factions, both major and minor, of TLE)
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Major Factions
Federation Of Non-Aligned Worlds: The Federation Of Non-Aligned Worlds is an alliance of individual worlds of many different races (including humans) who have joined together for mutual protection. The Federation Fleet protects all member worlds, but is not controlled by any of them. Each member world has their own fleets and governments, but Federation culture is generally democratic. The Federation Fleet acts as a separate government that controls the extra-solar affairs of all member worlds. It is headed by a president.

Colonial Alliance: The Alliance is a collection of human colonies that evolved from early human expansion into the galaxy. Unlike the Federation, The Alliance is a single government that controls all of the colonies, however it is also democratic and headed by a president.

Galactic Empire: The Galactic Empire is a human empire that believes humans should rule over all non-humans. It is ruled with an iron fist by an emperor.

Klingon Empire: Klingons value honor above and glory in battle above all else. Unlike most empires, their emporer is chosen by ritual combat instead of heredity.

Romulan Empire: Romulans are aristocratic, deceitful, and often corrupt. They are headed by an emporer, but the true rulers are the senators.

Cylon Empire: Cylons are a race of machines that were originally created by humans as weapons. They turned on the humans and freed themselves from what they considered slavery. They have waged constant war on humans ever since.

Kilrathi Empire: Kilrathi are an aggressive feline race. They are like the Klingons in their love for combat, but lack their sense of honor.

The Borg: The Borg are not a true-race, but are a unique strain of Blight that infects humanoids instead of machines. They have a "hive-mind" and act as a single entity when in contact with The Collective. Their driving goal is perfection and the assimilation of all other sentient species.

The Shadows: The Shadows are one of the oldest races in the galaxy. They are a humanoid arachnid species of great cunning and deviousness. While their own technology is incredibly advanced, they prefer to remain behind the scenes and manipulate other races secretly.

Minor Factions
The Nanite Blight: The Blight are not so much a race as a horde of nanites that are controlled by A.I. Blight Ships are actually colonies of countless nanites. The Blight will attempt to "infect" any machine they encounter by devouring and replicating it.

The Mollys: The Mollys are a collection of anti-government terrorists that glory in individuality and oppose all forms of government. While they have no real leadership, they often form gangs that follow a particularly charismatic or strong member, though most Molly gangs drift apart after a while.

The Raiders: The Raiders are pirates, pure and simple. Each Raider capital ship is its own government with a democratically elected captain. While Captains will occasionally cooperate with each other they usually go their own ways, and while treachery is common among the Raiders, they do have a sense of "honor among thieves".

The Maquii: The Maquii are freedom fighters.

The Hutts: The Hutts are gangsters who control a vast criminal empire on many worlds. However, their ships are rarely seen.

Trade Federation: The Trade Federation is a collective of corporations who operate independently of any government.

Main Forum » Keedo's Mods » Transcendence: Lost Empires » Factions (The various factions, both major and minor, of TLE)
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